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A detailed Process of TDS Return Filing

Are you looking for your TDS returns? Do you know the procedure of filing the TDS returns? What is the meaning of TDS? If you are wondering with the same question and looking for the answers; then let us inform, you are at the right spot.

In this article, we will explain the meaning of TDS returns, the process of TDS return filing, and the documents required for filing the TDS returns.

What do you understand by TDS?


TDS stands for tax deduction at source , which is collected by the Income-tax department whenever there is a transaction taking place.

The next part of it is to the TDS returns, which is a quarterly statement; that has to be submitted to the IT department.

There are certain details (listed below) that require TDS returns

  1. PAN of the deductor and the deductee
  2. Amount of tax paid to the government
  3. TDS challan information
  4. Valid TAN, must be registered for e-filing
  5. Digital signatures (DSC), (registered for e-filing, in case you want to upload the documents using DSC)
  6. Others, if any

Further, we will take a look at the process of TDS returns filing.

How do we file TDS returns?

TDS is really easy to take care of, and it is important that you do it properly.

 STEP1: visiting the online portal

The first step is to visit the web portal of the Income tax department . And click on the login here (red box).

STEP2: Filling the credentials

Then you have to fill the credentials asked in the above image. In user id, you have to provide the TAN and mention the further details as asked.

STEP3: TDS upload


You just need to click on the upload TDS tab, circled in red to move ahead with the process of TDS returns filing.

STEP4: selection of details

Next, you just need to select the valid options as per the requirement. Once you are done with the selection of options, you just need to click on the validate tab.

STEP5: validate the TDS returns

There are basically two modes of validating the TDS returns. You can upload the document using the electronic code (EVM).

Through DSC


Here you just need to upload the zip file of TDS. Once you have uploaded the zip file, as shown in the image below.

On clicking the upload tab, shown in the above image; a confirmation will appear on the screen and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

​​​​​​​Through EVM or Electronic Verification Code

If you do not have digital signatures, then you can validate the TDS returns through EVM


You just need to upload the zip file of TDS and click on the E-verify tab. Further, you can select from the options, as mentioned in the image below.


At last, you just need to enter the EVM code and click the submit tab. Hence you are done with the TDS return filing .

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